Ideas From Ed: Plumbin' Ugly

Gee, it's kind of sad to admit, but sometimes function is just plain and simply more important than fashion!...

Photo Contest Winners Announced

Lawrence County Partners for Preservation, (LCPP), a local group of volunteers working to preserve, enhance and promote the area’s historic homes and architecture, announced the winners of the first “It’s in the Details” photo contest.

Ideas From Ed: Power to the People

Hello, restorers!  This month, I thought I’d try something just a bit different, because I get a lot of questions about this topic...

Ideas From Ed: That Rotten Stickin'-Out Thing

Along the underside of my sunroom roof, there is a series of shaped wooden protrusions...

Ideas From Ed: Glazing in the Glass

While doing unrelated work in the attic, I saw that the glazing at the bottom of an attic window was coming off...

Our Formation

LCPP is committed to educating and assisting the community in the preservation and promotion of the history, architecture, and economic prosperity of Lawrence County.

Per founding member and President Joseph Goodge, the objectives of LCPP include preserving historic landmarks and architecture, promoting the economic value and importance of Lawrence County’s history, enhancing and improving the image of the county, and recognizing individuals, businesses and municipalities for their efforts to preserve the history, architecture and character of the county.




By donating to the Lawrence County Partners for Preservation, you are assisting us with securing a structure to operate within. Our goal is to renovate and occupy a historic building to shine as a beacon from which historic preservation is assisted and encouraged.

Our Supporters