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Our Formation

Lawrence County Partners for Preservation, (LCPP), a new non-profit organization, was recently formed in New Castle.

LCPP is committed to educating and assisting the community in the preservation and promotion of the history, architecture, and economic prosperity of Lawrence County.

Per founding member and President Joseph Goodge, the objectives of LCPP include preserving historic landmarks and architecture, promoting the economic value and importance of Lawrence County’s history, enhancing and improving the image of the county, and recognizing individuals, businesses and municipalities for their efforts to preserve the history, architecture and character of the county.

The organization offers three (3) classes of membership, including individual, organizational and corporate.

Through the efforts and partnership of LCPP and the former Historical Architectural Review Board, a new sign promoting the North Hill Historic District was recently installed by the city Public Works department on North Mercer Street near Hillcrest Avenue.  Future projects and fund-raising will include a live wreath sale for the holiday season as well as purchasing and repurposing an historic structure for a permanent LCPP headquarters.

Additionally, LCPP expects to become a source of information and guidance for individuals and entities trying to purchase historic properties and / or applying for the Historic Tax Credit Program.

As Joseph Goodge states, “My wife and I have been involved in historic preservation for many years.  We understand the value historic preservation offers a community.  Restoring and rehabilitating historic properties conserves taxpayer’s dollars, preserves our local heritage, revitalizes neighborhoods and conserves the natural environment.  As the name suggests, LCPP will be partnering with property owners, government agencies as well as other nonprofits to assist in the restoration and rehabilitation of historic properties in Lawrence County”.

Additional information about Lawrence County Partners for Preservation, including details of memberships and upcoming events, can be found on the LCCP website:

For more information, you are able to email us at

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