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Meet the Board of Directors



DENISE GUTHERY: Denise was born and raised in New Castle, but lived in Texas and New Mexico for 26 years after high school, before returning to the area in 1997.  She has always been proud that her ancestors settled in this area, most of them in the early 1800s.  And she fondly recalls hearing her great grandfather talk about his father who served in the Civil War and family gatherings that always included lots of history and memories. Denise also realized that she really enjoyed telling visitors about many aspects of the Lawrence County area.  She and her husband owned a turn of the century Craftsman style home in New Mexico, and fell in love with its architectural details.  Denise wants to expand her knowledge of the different styles of historical homes that are so prevalent locally, and is excited to be a part of Lawrence County Partners for Preservation and the positive contributions that this group will foster. Denise has an ongoing interest in learning more about our county’s rich history, and nurtures that interest by volunteering at the Lawrence County Historical Society. Denise recently retired from the Admissions Office at Westminster College, where she earned a degree in Communications Studies.

JOSEPH GOODGE:  Joe Goodge resides in Pulaski with his wife, Zenia, and 8 year old twins, Sam and Marcia.   Joe previously taught Agriculture Education and currently has an accounting business located in Pulaski.  He and his wife have been involved in historic preservation for over 20 years, and reside in an 1880’s cottage-style bungalow that they restored.  Joe’s office is located in a Victorian style residence, also from the 1880’s, that was one of the first homes built in Pulaski.  Currently Joe and Zenia are in the process of restoring the Raney-Jameson mansion, (fondly known as ‘The Castle’), located in the North Hill Historic District. 

EDWARD X. PETRUS: Ed Petrus was born in Donora, PA, home of such sports legends as Stan Musial, Ken Griffey Jr., “Deacon” Dan Towler, and many others.  Ed graduated with a degree in Environmental Resources Management from Penn State, where he sang in the PSU Glee Club. He also marched in the PSU Blue Band and enjoyed travelling with the band to numerous major post-season bowl games.  Ed worked for 36 years for the USDA Soils Conservation Services, (later renamed the Natural Resources Conservation Service), and recently retired. In addition to his role with LCPP, Ed is president of The Music Club and assistant director of The Music Club Chorus.  He directs the church choir at St. Camillus in Neshannock Township, and previously served a similar role with St. Joseph’s Church in Oil City and St John Neumann’s Church in Lancaster. Ed is a board member of the Lawrence County Historical Society and has lived in New Castle’s Historic District since 1981.  Ed is a self-described and avid ‘do-it-yourselfer’, and has presented programs on his family’s restoration work at the old superintendent’s home at Oak Park Cemetery to save it from destruction. Ed is a world authority on 1957 DeSotos and is a technical advisor for the National DeSoto Club. To that end, Ed owns and has restored three (3) DeSotos, including a rare Adventurer.

ANDREW W. HENLEY: Andrew Henley was born and raised in Edinburg, Pennsylvania, where his family has resided since 1808, when they moved from Virginia to present-day Mahoning Township.  Andrew graduated from Westminster College with a major in History and a minor in Information Systems, and also served as President of Phi Alpha Theta, a History Honors Society.  Andrew currently lives and works in Washington, D.C. Andrew is a board member of the Lawrence County Historical Society and enjoys genealogical work as well as assisting others with digital preservation of either family or organizational memorabilia.  Andrew also likes traveling to experience different cultures, histories, and architectures.

LORRAINE PETRUS: Lorraine was born and raised in Oil City, PA, and graduated from Clarion University with a degree in nursing. She is a retired R.N.  She’s married to fellow LCPP board member, Ed, and they live in the North Hill Historic District. They have three (3) children and two (2) grandchildren.  Lorraine first became interested in preservation and joined the Lawrence County Historical Society when plans were made to demolish New Castle High School and the 13 historic homes surrounding the school. She is the second V.P. of the Historical Society and is also its event planner. Lorraine served eight (8) years on the city’s former Historical Architectural Review Board, (HARB). She and Ed purchased and restored the former Oak Park Cemetery caretaker’s home to save it from demolition, and their youngest son now resides there. She, along with Audrey Przybylski, run the New Castle Farmers Market, which operates in downtown New Castle during summer and fall months. Lorraine is a member of the St. Camillus Church Choir and The Music Club.

PAUL BUCCIARELLI: Paul Bucciarelli is a life-long New Castle resident, recently retired from PNC Bank in Pittsburgh, after a career in Supply Chain Management. Paul previously worked in merchandising positions with New Castle-based retailer Fishers Big Wheel and for hardware company, Servistar, in Butler.  Paul graduated with an Advertising degree from Penn State and also holds an MBA from Youngstown State University, where he was a graduate assistant in the Marketing department. Paul is currently a part-time business consultant with Duquesne University’s Small Business Center and supports Duquesne’s Outreach Program in Lawrence County. Paul lives in the North Hill Historic District and serves on the Advisory Board of Penn State – Shenango campus, where he is is a part-time instructor in the Business department.  Paul was president of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Institute for Supply Management, (ISM), in 2008 – 2009 and enjoys travel, as well as playing tennis and golf. He believes that Lawrence County’s rich history and architecture, marketed effectively, can help drive economic growth and enhance the quality of life in our region.


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